I first learned about Linda Bradbury’s talents from Dawn - who works with me at The Stampin Post. We have stayed in touch with Linda for about 2 years. This year, she contacted us asking if we wanted her to teach and we screamed out a big resounding YES!


She is a wonderfully organized teacher. She always features the most unique designs and wonderful folds for her cards. Simple and elegant cards with clever designs, her cards transform into works of art to lucky recipients that become keepsakes. Her teaching style is patience - patience - patience. She is kind and warm with all of us and she makes sure we know all about the cards when we leave the class. AND that we have finished our cards.


She is a soft beauty with a personality to match.  She has quickly become one of our favorite teachers.  She will be an asset to any store owner. We love her style, her talent, and all the cards that go with that.


Deb and Dawn

The Stampin Post

Temecula, CA


PS – Like me, she's a Minnesota gal - so right away we've bonded!!!!


Scrapbook Creations is honored to work with Linda and Linel. Monthly, the store features classes with the 3X Design series developed by Linel. Twice a year, Linda travels to South Carolina to teach in our store! Working with Linda and Linel is a pleasure. Their teaching style is cool, calm, and informative, Customers are inspired by the designs continually on display at Scrapbook Creations. Customers and staff alike look forward to the next class.


Kathy Willis, Scrapbook Creations

Spartanburg, South Carolina








I have worked with Linda and Linel over the past several years as a representative of Scrapbook Creations! As a student in their classes, I am in awe with their teaching methods. One time, I was trying to following directions! However, my figure did not look like Linda's. Linda, not only explained how and why my colors looked different, but she also showed me how to correct the shading and colors to reflect the original. I am always impressed with someone who can explain why something is different and how to change it! Both ladies are women of faith who live their lives as women of faith.


Anita Geigley

Spartanburg, South Carolina



Linda Bradbury began teaching classes at my store only last year and has already developed a very loyal following.  Her eye for color and talent for elegant folds, pockets and notes combine to create absolutely awesome card classes.  Her class kits are very well prepared, every thing is already stamped & cut and all supplies are amply furnished.


Linda’s warm personality and professionalism are highly praised by all my customers after attending her classes.


Barbara Diamond, Owner

The Stamping Place & Scrapbook Station



Linda and Linel are the creative force behind a universe of elegant and fun designs for cards, rubber stamp arts, and paper crafts.  They are wonderful, gifted, and giving people.  Not only do they create brilliant designs, but they teach as well.  In this way, the rest of us get a chance to share in producing wonderful artwork inspired by these ladies.  Linda and Linel are patient and informative teachers, with lots of experience and expertise, and have been teaching for over 15 years.


In addition to creating and teaching hundreds of classes, they opened and ran their own fabulous and very successful rubber stamp store, called The Avenue, for over seven years.  Linda and Linel also authored and published four design books on card making, including one featuring Paper Parachute art rubber stamps.


I highly recommend taking their classes and workshops. You will be more than pleased.


Agi Werner, Owner
Paper Parachute